The “Sapling” 0.1.0-beta release is out now! 🌿 What will you create? Learn, build, and share your feedback.
open source
distributed technology
valueflows ontology

Scalable & distributed
framework for economic
network coordination

hREA (Holochain Resource-Event-Agent) is an implementation of the Valueflows specification. It enables a transparent and trusted account of resource and information flows between decentralized and independent agents, across and within ecosystems.

How it works

Superpowered coordination
through integration of
Holochain and REA grammars

Who is hREA for

hREA enables tracking & tracing
value flows for conventional
and alternative economies alike

Organizations and businesses with cross-stakeholder value chains (think supply chains, joint ventures, multi-company collaboration spaces, cooperative and small business economic networks, and more)

The parties involved in loosely coupled economic coordination (think open source projects, artistic collectives, eco villages, makerspaces, mutual credit & mutual aid networks, open value networks, DAOs, and more)


“Seed” & “Sprout” Stage

October 2018 - April 2022

  1. Led by pospi, hREA project started and was continued through ad hoc development.
  2. Around 70% towards the goal of usability of the API for developers accomplished (to be able to implement applications on top of API).

First Major Milestone Release (“Sapling”) Development

May 2022 - September 2022

  1. Led by Sprillow, we reached a fully usable API (v0.1.0-beta) for hREA.
  2. Launched accompanying documentation at

Post-“Sapling Release” Stage

October 2022 onwards

  1. The first applications on top of hREA are being built
  2. Feedback on the API and documentation is being gathered
  3. The hREA's Community of Practice is being grown
  4. Sustainable funding patterns are being built

Oct 2018Sep2022The first MMR Release ("Sapling")hREA ad hoc dev phase startedThe first MMR phasedevelopment startedBuilding the first appson top of hREA May 2022Sep 2022
Oct 2018Goal for MMRhREA ad hoc dev phase startedKickstart of currentdevelopment phaseFirst applicationson top of hREA are builtMay 2022Aug 2022

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First MMR (“Sapling Release”) funding goal

May 2022 - September 2022
$51K USD$51K USDWe've reached the funding goal for the MMR phase!
$51K USD$51K USD

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